Eric Savage

Owner, Freedom Automotive Group

    Eric Savage’s career began when he cleaned the floors in his family’s dealership at the age of 12. Over the next 23 years, Eric worked in nearly every position in the dealership environment, learning the business from the ground up.

    In 2006, Eric left the family business to open his own dealerships. While the separation was difficult, Eric believed the purpose of his business could be something greater than just selling cars and making money. To Eric, that sounded like “freedom,” and he named the dealership accordingly.

    At Freedom Auto Group, the “Life Improvement Business”℠ culture was born, a concept permeating every aspect of operations, from the way customers purchase cars, service and parts, to deep community involvement. But the most meaningful part of the “Life Improvement Business℠” is providing the 250 Freedom team members with the privilege and joy of focusing their time and effort on improving the lives of others.